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Classic Softball Showcase
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"While I was unable to attend with my daughter Cassidy, my husband and she said it was the best camp she has attended by far. I can say from my end that the communication has been top notch and we look forward to participating in your camps in the future."

And thank you for your good wishes!

-Lori Motyka

"We have attended several camps over the past few years. This camp was great, we would highly recommend to any college softball player that wants to go to school and academics are important. Most of the coaches coached on the spot and said things during the games that all the players were learning from. A pitcher struck out three girls in a row, the Macalester Coach walked into the dugout and talked about the pitch and what the girls needed to adjust and the next five batters hit the ball deep. It was so cool! Macalester absolutely has a passion for the game and wants to educate the players. I saw many coaches having similar interactions. These coaches also gave mental tips, they said things that I haven’t heard other coaches say to the girls. Loved the mix of D1 and D3 schools that were present on the field. Just wanted to say Thank you and Great job! I would highly recommend and have told several coaches about our experience!"

-Dana Talaga